Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am writing a book on...

At the age of 21 i realised an amazing fact of my life. While a conversation with an insurance agent i understood the meaning of being retired. He said 'A person who becomes free from all the worries and tensions of work and feels relaxed about everything that he does and has no more big responsibilities to handle is called a PERFECTLY RETIRED MAN'.
On the same day night i was sitting and thinking in my gallery that what am i doing in my life.
I left my job coz my boss hated me reading a newspaper while there were no lights. I mean what more could you do while everything halts in an office where you are working.
I did not take a job inspite of my monthly bank commitments due to some losses i made while trying out my past ventures.
My mother kept forcing me to take a job coz letting me do business was out of her choices as my father who is a very successful man did not have enough funds in the bank account to sustain my experiments and the gestation.
With all of this and much more that life offers you to make it complicated i was just doing one thing.
'Listening to what my passion calls me for'.
I hosted(Master of Ceremony) 25 shows on back 2 back weekends for 4 months (coz that one of my passions) and made about 70k's. Who says you can't make money while following your passion.
I started my company which is into brand communications as a consultancy firm and a creative agency during a year when Recession has hit the world the most. At the end of the first 8 months of the company being started we are a team of 4 extremely talented (sorry for blowing the trumpet) and a bag full of varied clientèle from different industries. We have catered to Events, Singers, Production company, Media co. , and Newsletter company and many more. A total of 21 clients in a span of 8 months.
Who says you cannot live your dream if you hold yourself back and hit your hardest hit to get what you have always wanted.
Thus thinking all of this i felt i am doing all that i am extremely relaxed at doing. I live my life with Zero tensions or worries as i believe in my business and i am guaranteed of making it bigger. Tensions are for others for whom we will become a fierce competition in a few more months.
So i concluded with a thought that makes me feel very very weird.
"i think i have retired at 21" and i know that i have come here to 'make a mark' on the world.
There is so much wrong education that all of us have gone through which has made us FEARFUL, INDECISIVE, IGNORANT and what not.
Lets stand up together and tell everyone ...what have we come here for.
Live your passion. and say it loud and clear 'I want to make a mark'
and i will.