Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peer to Peer Lending

Till date you have always deposited your money in Fixed Deposits for good and regular returns.
Now invest in people to empower the underprivileged but aspiring business persons in the rural india.

To make urban professionals help such people a social enterprise called MicroGraam
has taken an initiative to bring the lending solutions to the doorstep of a rural India at an affordable price.
They have made a provision for all the Indians and people across the globe to LEND
money through an online lending system. See how technology can be used wisely
for noble causes.

Who says all businesses today are only about IT and Modern Technologies.
This is a commendable effort by Rangan Vardan, an Infosys employee for 15+ years
who left IT and started a Social Enterprise to help bring down the cost of lending to
the rural india.

Let us come together to support such a beautiful cause.
Let us leave a mark on all the Rural Indians who are aspiring to be one amongst us.
I found some useful information on this link - http://www.micrograam.com
and some really inspiring news on - http://bit.ly/mkgXlJ