Saturday, June 26, 2010

An inspiration to be LINCOLN

Every day i get up. I look at myself and my business. Look into the strengths and its weaknesses. Look into the payables and receivables. I realise that books show a great achievement but cash positions dont. The fight is to meet the requirement of those relying on you for their daily bread, the fight is to stand your creativity under this state, the fight is to keep your cool to make new business, the fight is to yet plan another HIGH, the fight has a whole list to mention but to top it all is the innate desire to stand through this deadly test of time and destiny and come out as a winner after losing million of times, after hearing praises and abuses, after falling and getting back, after recruiting and suspending, after almost living a decade within a few days, after spending sleepless nights yet dreaming all along, its only after all this that the a man passes the real test to be what they call it as ENTREPRENEUR. Its only when a MAN conquers fear over every other loss, Success over every other failure and a Life over every day death.
This is an inspiration i have got from the real story of ABRAHAM LINCOLN who made a huge loss at 22, lost his wife at 28, met a nervous breakdown at 36, miraculously lived through a major accident at 44, lost from being the Vice president of US @ 48 and became the LIVED history.
Wish you a Courageous Life. Pursue your passion because you have taken birth to MAKE A MARK on this world and YOU WILL.