Thursday, May 13, 2010

From Master Blaster to the Legendary Master Blaster!

To begin with salute to the greatest sportsman in the history of the game! Reading this a debate may get ensued. However there are very good reasons to justify the honor bestowed upon him in the beginning of this post. Sachin has been successful in rising as a greatest batsman in spite of all the expectations, oddities, vicissitudes, upheavals, etc. It’s his PASSION, the one that he still continues to have for the game that makes him what he is today. He would have gone through lot of surgeries for end number of times, which player doesn’t? But true players like him get in action in spite of such problems. It’s a PASSION’s call as they say. He not only became India’s greatest batsman by taking over the coveted title from the ‘Sunil Gavaskar’in the recent past, but also managed to become the greatest batsman of the modern times. Sachin is a natural and impulsive batsman. Legend has it that he has got half a dozen shots in his armor for each delivery! He could destroy any bowling attack on any pitch. When you glance at his cricket records, his cricket career and his PASSION for the game you realize that being a legend is not just about playing good cricket it’s also about creating more PASSIONATE followers; it’s also about making the game proud. Sachin did that in style and how!