Monday, June 28, 2010

I am Retired..!!! You have a doubt ?

I learned from an Insurance advisor that one can be termed as retired in 2 ways in life. One when he has reached  an age bar and decides to have zero dealings with any sort of work and two when he decides to be stress free or to put it in better words, to do things that he wishes to do. Just about a few years ago when i decided to start by my own i realised i had a whole list of things to achieve. Hence to begin smart i took some books that explained to me what it takes to start by your own. One example i came across was of an IIM pass out (i forgot his name by now) who mentioned that he started a Catering business after passing out from an IIM. Imagine what a foolish right. All his friends including him got an offer worth of more than 30 lacs and its not a bad amount to begin your career with. He decided to not opt for this and go help his mother in her catering business grow up. He infact made a loss of about 10 Lacs in the first year and  by now the people around him had all stories to make about him and his foolishness. People pounce on when they see your failure but no one knew what he was doing then. 2nd year end of the year he had a profit worth 76 lacs in his books and a monthly turn over of 32 lacs (what was suppose to be his yearly package) and promised to make it 4 times from the 3rd year onwards. A valuation worth more 2 Crs in 2 yrs made him certainly a man to look upon to. After this story i realised one thing. That life is about being RETIRED. Take up what you feel is the best thing you like doing in LIFE and Live it. Vishal, CEO of India Games, loved playing games. Did he leave it..??? no. He made the world play games instead. Started a company at the age of 26. Was left with 2lacs in the end of some quarter of the year which was the last amount left the last round of investment the VC did for his company. What did he do. He bet on his confidence, dreamed bigger and converted it into 3 Crs which were sufficient enough for the next 3 years at least. Today almost all of us know about India Games. Salute to you Mr Vishal. So its simple. I decided i want to be retired and let stress be a bypass for this JANAM. Thats how i started terming my OCCUPATION to the world as - Promotions of Retirement Plans. By now i am sure you know the other meaning of Retirement.
I have challenges on my way as retirement is not an easy phase of life. You have no great support but yet you have to live through your time and show the world your independent success.
Well here i am. Making it clear to the world about my RAC ticket for SUCCESS which is about to become CONFIRMED and my name too would be out of the waiting list just the guys i mentioned above.
I heard into my passion. I followed what i want to do. The list is long. But this is a good start to my belief. What is it with 'YOU' ?