Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Art Vs Design

Design can have various elucidations or interpretations; however this concept can be broadly elaborated in following two ways. The purpose of design defines the context in which it can be applied.  If the reason behind instigating a particular design is commercial then design can be defined as graphical output of amalgamation of aesthetics principles and precise communication for the reason that involves selling, marketing or advertising of goods, services or even individuals. In this form of design communication gets importance over design, because the purpose is clearly defined. In other words it is ‘designed' for everyone and anyone to understand the implicit art in the explicit way. On the other hand if the same design is created in the wake of personal leisure then, unlike commercial design, design gets to play important role over the other. In the sense, here the floor is kept open to let the interpreter form his /her own judgments over the work.  It actually ceases to be a design; it metamorphoses into a piece of art. The concept of Art & Design further gets clearly defined when one juxtaposes them with the two of the most renowned disciplines in the field of art - Fine Art & Commercial Art.  However, there is a very thin line of disparity between the two, as commerce has equally become important in case of Fine Arts. Also to stand out from the rest, advertisers jump onto ‘art' bandwagon. May be they have started taking these words very seriously, ‘Everything is designed but few things are designed well.'
by out of the box