Friday, August 5, 2011

Segmentation Lecture During BMS - Love you guys @ Raheja during my batch of 10-11

This one is for you guys. All my students from Raheja BMS.
Thanks for your support and hope these lectures were useful for a longer time than just studies to you all.
Watch this space for more of these.

What can a Startup do using Digital Marketing ???

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Asshole Goverment making a mark...1st answer these...

Need the Govt and the people of the Mumbai city to answer these questions ...???

Lakhs of Rs spent behind Kasab for security..How much is spent behind the City's security ?
After 7 blast in the trains, Open firing on 26/11 why is there still such Drastic things happening ?

Why do news channels talk about the blast ? Can they not talk about the inefficient and fucking govt ?

Can we all not come together to ****** the Govt and its peace...Coz they have fucked our peace ?

Are we going to ever do something about this or like Maniac workhoholics keep working and working and working coz the inflation is killing us on the other side of life

People like Kasab will take how many years of King type treatment from our helpless, parentless and humanless Govt ?

Are we only going to see movies like Rang De Basanti, Mumbai meri jaan, Black Friday and now await for a A Wednesday to come up with sequel answering these blasts... 

Above all this - 
This is what news channels are updating on their scrollers 
'PM to CM - Keep me updated about the blasts' - sure sir..if u say we will also make a report of the people killed, how, when, where and why...Can you bring them back after that...
'P chidambaram - coming to mumbai to analyze the blast himself' - should we send garlands to welcome you bloody bhen****, are you CID..will you find out by coming to mumbai who did these blast..nd even if you find them out..whats the point..u will only jail them.. to save them from all this and leave us citizen to die in the city...

I think now i kinda know - 
The terrorist is our govt...
They kill us by stone fucked security
If we still stay alive then by increasing Petrol Prices
If we still alive then by putting food items in commodity trading to increase their prices
If we still alive then apply tax on every shittiest thing to screw us and earn its mean money
I dont think anyone can further survive such tortures from the GOVT..
But we all feel we are progressing...
Tech and social media is rocking the scene,
Metal companies are making tremendous profits etccccc....cccc...ccc....

Get up guys... Please lets take a group action to FUCKKKKKKK the happiness of the Govt and take charge to use our energies in saving our Tomorrow.

-Kind request from me and every comman man who has got tired of slow poison killing of Govt of India...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peer to Peer Lending

Till date you have always deposited your money in Fixed Deposits for good and regular returns.
Now invest in people to empower the underprivileged but aspiring business persons in the rural india.

To make urban professionals help such people a social enterprise called MicroGraam
has taken an initiative to bring the lending solutions to the doorstep of a rural India at an affordable price.
They have made a provision for all the Indians and people across the globe to LEND
money through an online lending system. See how technology can be used wisely
for noble causes.

Who says all businesses today are only about IT and Modern Technologies.
This is a commendable effort by Rangan Vardan, an Infosys employee for 15+ years
who left IT and started a Social Enterprise to help bring down the cost of lending to
the rural india.

Let us come together to support such a beautiful cause.
Let us leave a mark on all the Rural Indians who are aspiring to be one amongst us.
I found some useful information on this link -
and some really inspiring news on -